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By Casey Carr – 10/12/17

Southwest Airlines announces long awaited flights to Hawaii

Fans of Southwest Airlines are rejoicing today after months of hints and insinuations that they were kicking around the idea of launching service to Hawaii.  The wait is over, Southwest Airlines will begin service to Hawaii in 2018, and here is everything we know so far.

A Game Changer for Hawaii Travel

The announcement came via a late evening Tweet last night, “You heard that right. We’re thrilled to share our intention to bring our world-famous hospitality and value to the Hawaiian Islands!”  It’s huge news from the country’s largest domestic airline, whose no-fee & bags-fly-free model is a key component of their popularity.  It should mean more competitive fares to Hawaii across the board, and that is great news for all of us.

The announcement so far comes with little details, other than an amorphous plan to start selling tickets in 2018.  But actual flights might not begin until 2019, as Southwest Aillines will still have to clear the requisite FAA hurdles and that can take a year or more, they’ll have to outfit their planes with additional equipment (they plan to use their new Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft added to the fleet just this month), they’ll have to train & certify staff and pilots for overseas flights, etcetera etcetera.  In short, lets get really excited but stay patient, we won’t be hopping a flight to Honolulu from Love Field (probably with a connection through California) this weekend.  And on that point, no announcements have been made about routes, though Honolulu & Oahu both seem likely candidates.

As soon as they are up and running, you can bet that we’ll be adding a stop on the KLUV World Tour using their route!