How much easier can we make your life?

The answer is: A LOT.  Our Corporate Travel Program is an asset to you not only by managing your company’s travel, but by building value through Business ExtrAA and the many other programs offered through our agency and our affiliation with American Express.  At Sharon Carr Travel we have the inside information that brings our clients added valued benefits at no additional cost.  Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you have Sharon Carr Travel manage your Corporate Travel

  • Business ExtrAA, which we have already enrolled your company for, allows you to earn two points for every $10 you spend, flying on American Airlines, while your travelers still earn their frequent flyer miles.  Your points can be redeemed for airline tickets or upgrades and there is no limit to the number of points your company can earn!  Airline tickets can be used for employee recognition such as “Years of Service” or for employees who have served Your company with excellence.
  • Management of Traveler Profiles.  Our quality control administrator ensures travelers are in compliance with your company’s travel policies regarding class of service and compliance with hotel and rental car contracts.  Consolidation empowers us to continue negotiating contracts on your behalf with our vendors and SAVE you money.
  • We have representation from all of the major vendors who know us personally, enabling us to pass along benefits to your company.
  • With our GDS system Sabre, we are able to search multiple websites to ensure we’ve booked the lowest fare and prevent employees from paying more to book themselves on a particular airline solely for the frequent flyer miles.  Our goal is to SAVE your company money!
  • We track unused tickets for the individual on their profile and on the expense reports to prevent loss due to expirations…saving you $$.
  • We can void tickets within a 24 hour window – at Sharon Carr Travel we take voiding tickets one step further by voiding our service fee as well.
  • American Express Preferred Hotel Program offers savings everywhere you travel. The “no walk” policy ensures our clients are not bumped due to over booking.  If they don’t have a room, the hotel is required to find the client a comparable hotel at their expense, provide transportation and a toll-free call.  The hotel knows how important their relationship is with American Express!
  • $300,000 life insurance on every ticket we book-no additional charge.
  • “Travel Days” our agents come to your company to offer your employees the same great savings your company receives for their personal travel.  This is a free service for our clients and is a great Human Resource benefit.  We can also send vendor “specials” for leisure travel by email or post on an intranet site…great savings for all your employees!
  • Security…our agents are here to service you and be available when problems arise.  With over 2200 American Express offices around the world, your travelers have help nearby.
  • Our Emergency Hotline provides around-the-clock assistance to travelers, anywhere, anytime, 365 days a year.
  • Travel specialist provide professional expertise with NO fee on leisure packages.

The greatest benefit we have to offer you is service!  With our team of agents, our services are available at your beckon call for anything your travelers need. Our vendor connections and expertise enables us to manage your travel efficiently allowing your employees to be more productive doing what they do best.


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