How to spot the International Space Station when it flies over your area.

By Casey Carr

Dec 3, 2020

 We spend a lot of time looking up at the sky in various corners of the globe, gazing at the Southern Cross & Magellenic Clouds from Australia, the Aurora Borealis in the far north.  One of our favorite things to look for is the International Space Station, and with NASA’s handy Spot the Station App & Text Alerts, we know exactly when and where to look.  Take a look at our Spot the Station Widgets below to see if there is a flyover in your area soon! Then Brush up on your ISS knowledge here, grab the kids, some friends or the nearest stranger, head outside at the specified time (it is VERY precise) and look where it tells you to look.  You’ll soon see what looks like a bright star moving across the sky.  That ladies & gents is one of the greatest endeavors humanity has ever attempted, the International Space Station, visible with your naked eye, and that’s pretty cool!

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