Kirsten Carr McCurry, Groups Manager


Besides Sharon, the longest serving member of our team is Sharon’s daughter Kirsten Carr McCurry, who has been full time with Sharon Carr Travel since 1996.

Growing up in the industry, Kirsten spent ample time at Sharon Carr Travel helping out however she could, and traveling the world with her mother and brother from a young age.  After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1997 with a degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Kirsten remained in the travel business to pursue her passion for travel and never looked back.

Following in Sharon’s footsteps, Kirsten has passed the “travel gene” on to her two amazing children, Hannah and Holden, and is fortunate to show them the world!

Kirsten has a deep love of Mexico and all things Disney, and is an expert in both destinations, among many others.  Currently she manages Sharon Carr Travel’s groups, and continues to travel every year.

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