By Casey Carr

Sept 27, 2018

“A Day on Safari” wins Gold at Travel Weekly’s 2018 Magellan Awards

Filmed on location with Lion World/African Travel Inc. & Sharon Carr Travel, Globe Trek Productions‘ 2nd Safari film “A Day on Safari” has been awarded Gold at Travel Weekly’s Annual Magellan Awards. It’s Casey’s 6th Magellan Award, and 3rd Gold since 2012.

The goal of the film was to capture the experience of a single day on safari, from sunrise to moonrise, and everything in between; the smell of fresh coffee, the sounds of the animals waking up, the adventure of your first game drive, surrounded by elephants, lions, thousands of wildebeast, the luxury of the lodges, hot air ballooning over the Serengeti, the incredible cuisine, new friendships, sundowners, spa treatments, so much more.

Casey is proud to share this award with co-producer (and the Dallas Observer’s recently named Best Magician in Dallas) Mike Williams, whose great camerawork was matched by his hard work behind the scenes.  He makes a cameo in “A Day on Safari”, as he has on most of these films.  

via Casey:

People always ask a travel agent, ‘so what’s your favorite destination?’ and our answer at Sharon Carr Travel is usually ‘Africa’, there’s just no other experience like it.  It’s one of those things you can never describe adequately to anyone, they just have to go and do it themselves.  And so that was one of our challenges when Lion World approached us about this video, trying our best to capture something that can’t really be captured.  We wanted the viewer to really get the feeling they were there with us, in the safari vehicle, in the hot air balloon, so we used a lot of POV shots,  a lot of handheld shots, and a deep layer of sound captured on location or added later, to create a sort of immersive experience.  We’re really proud of how it turned out.

Currently I’m editing our Egypt video which we shot last March for Uniworld River Cruise Lines, and will then begin editing a new video for Lion World/African Travel Inc “Rwanda: Gorilla Trek Adventure” filmed during two trips there, I’m very excited to share it sometime next year.  I inherited my love of Africa from my mom Sharon (who is actually there right now with a group of 40), this was my 4th film in Africa, I’ve been 8 times, North, South, East, maybe someday West.  I love it, it’s a place I’ll go back to over and over again.

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