By Casey Carr

Each year, savvy travelers calculate how to maximize their consecutive days of vacation time.  In fact, almost every year, it’s possible to have up to 50 days of travel time using only 15 days of PTO.  You can do this by timing your vacation days to coincide with weekends plus 11 Federal Holidays.

While it’s not 50 consecutive vacation days (what are we, Australian?), you can create a lot of 3 & 4-day weekends, and even a couple of 9 day stretches using only 4 days PTO.  We haven’t even factored in non-Federal holidays like Spring Break, Easter etc.

What are the dates should you request off to maximize this formula?  We break it down for you here:

  • New Year’s Day is on a Monday this year, so take Tuesday, January 2, off to enjoy a 4-day weekend.
  • Take the Tuesday after Martin Luther King, Jr Day (Jan 16) off for another 4-day weekend.
  • Take PTO the Friday before Presidents Day (Feb 16) for another 4-day weekend.
  • In May, take the Friday before Memorial Day (May 24) off for another 4-day weekend.
  • Get 9 days of vacation while using only 4 PTO days during the week of Juneteenth. June 19 is on a Wednesday, so take Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday off to savor 9 consecutive days off work – perfect for a summer holiday.
  • Independence Day is on a Thursday this year so take Friday, July 5, off for a 4-day weekend.
  • Take off the Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept 3) for a late summer 4-day weekend.
  • Enjoy a 3-day weekend with Monday off for Indigenous Peoples Day October 12-14.
  • Another 3-day weekend in November for Veterans Day (November 9 – 11).
  • Take off the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov 29) for a nice 4-day weekend to kick off the holiday season.
  • And lastly, Christmas is on a Wednesday this year, so take off Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, for a 9-day break before the new year.

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We hope this helps you maximize your vacation time in 2024.  Don’t forget to share it with your friends!  Then give us a call when you’re ready to take advantage of all that time off, and fill it with the perfect vacation experiences.

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