By Casey Carr

Sept 27, 2018

End of an Era – Jody Dean is leaving the KLUV Morning Show

After 13 Years in the Captains Chair at the KLUV Morning show, our good friend Jody Dean will be handing over the reins tomorrow morning.  He’ll still be prevalent at KLUV (this is not a retirement – WHEW!), we’ll still get to hear that buttery voice most days, but now he’ll have the time and freedom to enjoy his family and lovely home.  Jody has been an icon in Dallas and a friend of Sharon Carr Travel for close to 40 years, cutting his teeth in studio with Dallas radio legend Ron Chapman, and supporting and often hosting the KLUV World Tour taking listeners around the world.

We repeat, this is not a retirement

Jody is still a youngster, at heart if not in beard, and as he said this morning “I have a 13-year-old daughter, I can never retire.”  So keep tuning in and you’ll hear that familiar voice, details on Jody’s new role at the station are forthcoming tomorrow morning during his farewell show.  No doubt there will be plenty of broken hearted listeners, but take heart, he ain’t leaving!

We’ll be back next Wednesday Morning with the next stop on the #KLUVWorldTour (our annual July 4th trip, touching a brand new destination this year), our first with the new guy.  We had lunch this week, he’s awesome, funny, native Texan, veteran radio guy, you’re gonna love him.  Tune in with us on Monday morning and let’s give a warm Texas welcome to Miles in the Morning on KLUV, with Rebekah Black & David Rancken still riding shotgun.

For my part, it hurts to know I’ve announced my last #KLUVWorldTour in studio with Jody Dean.  He’s been a great supporter of our program and a great friend.  We love you, we’ll really miss you, say it ain’t so man!

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