Sharon Carr is Uniworld River Cruises 2016 Agent of the Year

By Casey Carr

Dec 1, 2016

At Sharon Carr Travel, we love River Cruises and if you’ve ever taken one, you know why.  It’s simply the most relaxed and enjoyable way to get around Europe without needing to pack and unpack at new hotels every other day.  Sharon herself is a bona fide expert and maybe the greatest champion of river cruising there is, and here’s my proof.  Late last week Uniworld River Cruises dropped by our office with roses and a Statuette for Sharon to announce that Sharon Carr is Uniworld’s 2016 Agent of the Year!

Among an Elite Few River Cruise Agents

Sharon Carr Travel ranks #16th in the world for River Cruise Agencies with Uniworld, that is very significant for a little family run agency like ours.  But Sharon herself ranks a staggering #3 in the world!   How does she do it?

“I know the owners of Uniworld River Cruises and they brought me out for my first sailing in 2004.  I was hooked, sailing past vineyards and castles, stopping in small villages and just surrounding yourself in the culture of the city and serenity of the river valleys.  And every ship was a work of art.  We began sending KLUV groups and the rest is history, I’ve sailed on Uniworld almost every year since, sometimes 2-3 times a year, and I’ve loved watching this company grow into what it’s become, in my opinion the best river cruise experience there is!”

She gives us all a lot of reasons to be proud, but sometimes she’s just downright amazing. A big congratulations to Sharon from your staff and your adoring kids.

~ Casey


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