Tourist Captures Baby Gorilla Birth in the Wild

By Casey Carr

Dec 2, 2016

Amazing.  We’ve trekked with the Gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda many times but never seen anything like this! A baby gorilla birth, what a once in a lifetime experience!!

Our friends Jane Behrend & Adventure Consults just sent us this video from Uganda taken by tourist Dina Tamimi of the birth of a baby gorilla in Mgahinga National Park.

From the Video:

On her first-ever gorilla trek, Tamimi and the rest of her small group came upon a silverback named Mark and one of his mates just as the female was giving birth. “She takes the baby in her arm and puts the baby’s head in her mouth to clean it,” Tamimi explained afterward. “And then she takes the umbilical cord and cuts it with her teeth. It was an amazing experience. None of us knew that it was going to happen or she was having a baby.” The birth continues the gorilla baby boom taking place in Uganda and elsewhere in East Africa this fall.

Check out the video below and join our Safari to Tanzania next Fall, with optional Gorilla Trekking extension!

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