By Casey Carr

October, 2018

Watch: Sharon Carr Travel’s Splendors of Egypt & the Nile Video

In March of 2018, Casey Carr was contracted to film Uniworld River Cruise Lines fabulous Egypt itinerary.  Spending about a week in Cairo, and another week onboard the beautiful River Tosca cruising the Nile from Luxor down to Aswan & back, this itinerary tops the bucket list for many a traveler, and it does not disappoint.


“I couldn’t wait to shoot this itinerary, Egypt has been a dream destination for me since my mom went in the 80’s and came back with extraordinary tales and pictures.  This was my 6th film for Uniworld River Cruises and possibly my favorite.  My wife was along this time (4 months pregnant!) and was a big help during the shoot, not to mention a good model for my shots, you’ll see her in many of them.

The River Tosca is a lovely ship, Uniworld built her just for this itinerary and she has larger staterooms than some of the other ships I’ve filmed in the past.  Uniworld’s world class service does not skip a beat, as these were some of the best and most affable staff I’ve experienced, and the Egyptologist guides who were with us throughout, brought the history to life in ways we never could have gotten anywhere else.  From strolling through Luxor & Karnak at Sunset, to hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings, gazing at the Great Pyramids from the back of a loping camel, the serene temples of Dendara, the towering Collosus statues, carved eons ago, it is utterly surreal.

To experience it all in Uniworld’s trademark boutique style and luxury, it is truly the trip of a lifetime.  I can still feel the warm breeze and gentle movement of the Tosca, sailing through farms & orchards, passing the occasional ruins of a temple older than the Great Wall, as we sat in one of the large daybeds on the top deck, taking it all in and we felt our baby kick for the first time.

Pure magic, we did our best to capture and I think it came out beautifully  But there’s nothing better than the real thing, and we still have staterooms available for next November at a highly discounted rate, check out the details here.”

And without further ado…

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