Remarkable Rhine & Historic Holland

aboard the River Queen

October 15 – 25, 2024

Starting at $3809 per person, double occupancy

Explore Europe’s rich history and Jewish heritage on an incredible discovery of the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Dive deep into the region’s culture, natural wonders, traditions and historical significance in a one-of-a-kind experience along the Rhine. Delve into the region’s world-renowned museums. Along the way, indulge in Central Europe’s delicious cuisine.

Oh, and did we mention the scenery? Standing on the top deck of your ship, watching the ever-changing landscape turn increasingly dramatic, you’ll understand why people have been raving about the Rhine River Valley for centuries—and there’s definitely no cause to stop.

DAY 1| Oct 15, 2024 | Basel (Embark)
Arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. If your cruise package includes a group arrival transfer or if you have purchased a private arrival transfer, you will be greeted by a Uniworld representative and transferred to the ship.

Note: For Arrival, Departure and Transfer details, please visit For Port Location details, please visit

DAY 2 | Oct 16, 2024 | Basel
Ramble with your guide through the historic heart of Basel. Every historic square you see will hold a special charm.

This evening, a special Captain’s Welcome Reception and Dinner will be prepared for you.

Choose Between:

Basel Walking Tour with Local Treats
Basel is a moderately sized city with a population of just 170,000 and only a couple small skyscrapers to its name, but don’t let its size fool you—Basel is a thriving trade hub with a markedly international feel. It’s position at the borders of France and Germany makes it a popular place to work for commuters from three countries.

Start your local discovery with a unique ferry trip across the Rhine to Kleinbasel. The ferry works by natural current only. Take a scenic walk along the Rhine promenade for the best views of the Patrician houses and historic facades on the opposite Grossbasel side. Once we pass Mittlere Brücke and stop briefly for Basler Läckerli (a gingerbread cookie), we board the ferry again to cross over to Grossbasel.

We land at the famous Basel Münster and climb the stairs to the Münster terrace, where we’ll find a wonderful panoramic view of the city and its bridges, squeezed between the Black Forest and Jura Mountains.

Afterward, we’ll weave our way through cobbled streets and narrow alleys to see a variety of beloved local spots. Along the way, you’ll taste authentic regional treats.


Let’s Go: Basel by Bike
Fasten your helmet, mount your bike and pedal with your guide along the Wiese River (a tributary of the Rhine) through the lovely riverside forests hugging the border between Switzerland and Germany. This light, easy bike ride is a very pleasant way to get a closer look at the natural landscapes you sail by.


Awareness Walking Tour
Discover Basel from an unexpected perspective today as you embark on a city tour led by a current or former member of the city’s unhoused population. Your guide will share insights into their everyday lives as they show you places most tourists miss. On this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience, you’ll be privy to a uniquely immersive local experience, while also helping to support good work for some of Switzerland’s disenfranchised community.

This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience supports Global Goal 1: No Poverty.

DAY 3 | Oct 17, 2024 | Strasbourg
See Strasbourg on foot with an insightful local expert, where this historic town with its cobbled lanes, half-timbered homes, giant stork nests and impossible-to-resist pastry shops will win your heart. Or take an in-depth look at the city’s rich Jewish history, which dates back an astonishing 2,000 years.


Black Forest Natural Beauty & Living History – US$164

Today, experience the myriad facets of the legendary Black Forest, famous for cuckoo clocks, cherry brandy and its extraordinary natural beauty. Join a guide for a walking tour of the Vogtsbauernhof outdoor museum, where farmhouses (some dating to the 17th century), sawmills, chapels and gardens show you how village people have lived and worked over the past 400 years. Enjoy a typical regional lunch and stop at the family-owned House of Black Forest Clocks, where you will learn how cuckoo clocks are made-and savor a slice of Black Forest cake, too. Following your Black Forest adventure, you will Reboard the Motorcoach and return to the ship.

DAY 4 | Oct 18, 2024 | Speyer (Mannheim)
Expect the unexpected in Speyer, where ancient treasures harmoniously coexist with modern-day innovation. Enjoy a walking tour of Speyer, visit a a vinegar estate for a tour and tasting, or join our “Jewish Heritage” excursion to ancient centers of learning and religion.

Featured Excursion: Nights Out: The German Wine Road
After dinner, join your fellow travelers for an evening visit to the vineyards of Bad Dürkheim. Tonight, a local vintner invites you to their winery for a sampling of the region’s wonderful wines. As you savor each glass, the vintner will explain the wine and share their expert knowledge on what makes the products of the Palatinate so spectacular.


Authentic Country Cooking with Vinegar – US$211

Learn the secrets of creative but easy cooking when you join a chef in his 300-year-old village home-one with a very modern kitchen-near Doktorenhof. Schnitzel and sauerkraut may include vinegar in their ingredients, but the four courses you help prepare for lunch today take vinegar in a whole new direction. You might use orange blossom vinegar to season prawns or cherry vinegar in chocolate tartlets. This is a friendly, hands-on experience with a chef who welcomes novices as well as experienced cooks into his kitchen. The menu will be determined by what’s fresh and local, and your chef instructor is a master at pairing regional wines with regional foods. Sauté, sip, sample-and enjoy!

Romantic Heidelberg – US$105

A motorcoach carries you to Heidelberg, sometimes called the most romantic city in Germany. It is home to the nation’s oldest university, a charming baroque Old Town lying along the banks of the Neckar River, and extraordinarily beautiful castle ruins overlooking the town. Your tour will take you to the castle, with its views of the red-tile roofs of the town below, the handsome Old Bridge and the wooded hillsides beyond, and then into Old Town, where you will see the late-Gothic Holy Spirit Church, the Student Prison and the longest pedestrian street in Germany.

DAY 5 | Oct 19, 2024 |  Frankfurt
Frankfurt is known as the “Mainhattan” of Europe, a financial powerhouse with soaring skyscrapers as well as traditional Old Town architecture.

Choose Between: 

Frankfurt Walking Tour with Local Treats
Meet your local guide outside the ship and get ready for a tasting tour of Frankfurt. Enjoy some iconic favorites, such as grüne sosse—a refreshing herb sauce—frankfurters, and apple wine as you make your way to the Hauptwache. This central plaza is full of places to shop and eat, so you may want to stick around after our tour.


Frankfurt’s Jewish History
Today, you’ll set off with your guide to visit the Rothschild Palais. In the 19th century, this palace was purchased and expanded by the Frankfurt branch of the Rothschild family. Having miraculously survived the destruction of World War II, the building looks much as it did two centuries ago. Several of its rooms are well maintained to showcase their opulence and history. The palace also houses a museum that dives deeper into Frankfurt’s Jewish heritage.

DAY 6 | Oct 20, 2024 | Oberwesel
Oberwesel is a medieval village that appears straight out of the pages of a storybook. Enjoy a guided stroll through town and taste some locally grown Rieslings, a specialty of the region. Alternatively, join a “Let’s Go” hike that will take you through the ruins of a fortified 13th-century castle.

Choose Between:

Oberwesel with Riesling Tasting
What would a cruise on the Rhine be without a stop at one of the picturesque and historic wine villages that dot its banks? Oberwesel has a long history, perhaps getting its start even before the Romans as a Celtic settlement. A walk through town will show you remnants of the town’s medieval history, particularly the old town walls—paid for by the city’s flourishing wine trade. Following your tour, you’ll have a chance to taste Oberwesel’s excellent Rieslings.


Let’s Go: Rheinfels Castle & Tunnels
This excursion offers an active twist on the classic Rhineland castle tour, perfect for those looking for an invigorating hike and who are comfortable with some uneven terrain. Your guide will take you through the ruins of this 13th-century fortress, so extensively fortified that it withstood attacks from the nearly 30,000-strong French army force. For an extra dose of medieval mystique, we’ll make sure to head into the tunnels underneath the castle during our visit.

DAY 7 | Oct 21, 2023 | Cologne
You have an array of choices for how you wish to experience Cologne’s many treasures. Those interested in history and architecture will want to stroll through the Old Town, featuring 12 stunning Romanesque churches. Guests interested in the city’s Jewish past are welcome to explore the centuries-old mikveh and Cologne’s Jewish quarter.

Choose Between:

Cologne Walking Tour with Old Town Visit
Meander through the narrow, cobbled lanes of Old Town, lined with traditional houses in every color and a plethora of restaurants and pubs. Along the way, you will be treated to a traditional Krapfen, a jam-filled donut that is popular in the area.

One of the city’s 12 Romanesque churches provides a castle-like backdrop to this quaint, riverside quarter of Cologne. Your local expert will take you to the Domplatte, the square where you’ll find the Cologne Cathedral. Should you wish, you can head inside this Gothic building on your own to see the Shrine of the Three Kings, which is believed to contain the relics of the Magi, and the beautiful stained-glass windows. Otherwise, try asking your guide for tips on what to explore. Whatever your interests, our local expert knows all the best spots in town!

NOTE: On Sundays and Catholic holidays, tours inside the cathedral are not allowed, but individual visits are still welcomed.


Cologne’s Jewish History
The history of the Jewish people in Cologne is nearly as long as the history of Cologne itself. The first documented mention of the Jewish community is a 321 AD edict allowing Jews to become members of the curia, a class of public office in the Roman Empire. The community fluctuated over the centuries, and eventually came to number around 19,500 people before Nazism and World War II. In the years since, the Jewish community of Cologne has slowly re-established itself, now numbering about 4,500 members. Because of its history, today’s synagogue calls itself “the oldest Jewish congregation north of the Alps.”

Meet our guides and head towards the site of the thriving medieval Jewish Quarter, where a museum dedicated to Jewish history is currently being constructed around the archeological site. Learn about some of the discoveries they’ve made from excavations here before moving on to the final portion of the tour, where you’ll meet a member of Cologne’s Jewish community at either a synagogue or at a memorial site known as Jawne. Formally the only Jewish grammar school in the Rhineland, Jawne is now a small, volunteer-run learning and center dedicated to the memory of a school head who saved many of his pupils from deportation and death.

DAY 8 | Oct 22, 2024 | Nijmegen
Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, having begun as an old Roman military camp over 2,000 years ago. Very close to the German border, its situation between the Meuse and Waal rivers renders its countryside particularly lush. In town, you’ll find hints of its Roman roots and medieval castles. Notwithstanding its long history, Nijmegen is known for its upbeat and trendy atmosphere.

Choose Between:

Visit the Palace “Het Loo”
Immerse yourself in the history of the Dutch Royal family today as you visit the palace known as “Het Loo.” Built at the behest of William of Orange in the 17th century, it was a summer residence for his family. Now, in the 21st century, the palace serves as a museum, so travelers and locals can marvel at the stunning decorations and gardens that were once reserved for Dutch royalty. The heritage of this building and the House of Orange-Nassau are excellently preserved, all of which you can learn about at your leisure as you admire the beautiful property.


Let’s Go: Nijmegen Riverland Biking
This picture-perfect outing offers you the chance to pedal past everything from the oldest Dutch city and a tiny polder village to quaint tea gardens and the Bay of Bison. Apart from the many natural wonders you are sure to encounter, you’ll enjoy a glimpse into the technological advances in water management of the Nijmegen area. Cycle along the beautiful terrain of the Dutch countryside, starting next to the Waal Bridge, where U.S. forces famously got stuck for nine months amid World War II. You’ll bike past the Valkhof, a Roman fortress featuring ruins, a historic chapel, and a new art museum.

As you ride along the hills of Ubbergen and Beek, you’ll marvel at the many handsome homes and views of the polders below. Leave the Dutch “mountains” behind as you descend into the charming polders, with their verdant landscapes, farms, and some of the smallest towns and churches in the country.

DAY 9 | Oct 23, 2024 | Harlingen
The only seaport left in Friesland, Harlingen is a bustling fishing center and the launch point for ferries to local islands. A quaint town, its canals are filled with sailboats and lined by traditional Dutch houses and historic buildings. Harlingen’s beaches are an excellent place to relax and breathe in the salted air of the Wadden Sea.

Featured Excursion: Village Day: Harlingen
Harlingen is an attractive port town on the Wadden Sea—local legend has it that the only reason Harlingen isn’t under the Wadden Sea is because of the actions of a young boy, who plugged up the local dike with one finger and thereby saved the city from sinking. It is, of course, just a fun story, but a statue in his honor can be found near the docks nonetheless.

Today you’ll stroll through Harlingen’s canals and quaint alleyways with a local guide. Many of the buildings here have been around for three or four centuries, giving the town a historic feel. Keep an eye out for the gable stones on older buildings, small plaques with unique carvings used to help people find their way before numerical addresses were popularized.

You will have the opportunity to dive deep into the Frisian area with one of two different experiences:

1. Head to a horse farm where the characteristically large and agile black Friesian horse is raised. After learning about the farm’s work and Frisian culture, you’ll be treated to a horse show.

2. Take a short drive to the city of Franeker, where you’ll find the oldest working planetarium in the world hanging from the ceiling of a beautiful canal house. This accurately moving model of the solar system was built between 1774 and 1781 by the Frisian wool comber, Eise Eisinga, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also visit a historic mill, still active today as a grain mill.

DAY 10 | Oct 24, 2024 | Amsterdam
Enjoy the luxury of a full day in the “Venice of the North,” starting with a morning at the Fabrique des Lumières. Afterwards, explore the city on foot or via a canal cruise.

This evening, a special Captain’s Welcome Reception and Dinner will be prepared for you.

Featured Excursion: Respect in the Red Light District
The Red Light District—or, as it is referred to locally, De Wallen—has been the center of Amsterdam’s sex work industry for several hundred years. It’s famous for the neon lights, partygoers, and “coffeeshops” that proliferate in the area, as well as the windows where some of the sex workers stand to attract clients. Today, you’ll visit the Prostitution Information Center to discover the important work they’re doing to educate visitors on the lives of sex workers for a respectful take on the popular Red Light District tour. Meet one of their experts, a current De Wallen sex worker, for a fascinating talk on the history of the district and her story. After, she will give you pointers on places to explore in the area (guided walking tours past the windows are not allowed here), followed by a Q&A back at the center.

This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience supports Global Goal 5: Gender Equality.

Choose Between: 

A Morning at the Fabrique des Lumieres
Start your day with a visit to Westergasfabriek, a 19th-century gas factory that has long since been abandoned, reclaimed, and transformed into a thriving cultural space. Many festivals and galleries are hosted here, including the stunning Fabrique des Lumières. The “Factory of Lights,” as it translates, is an immersive digital art experience. A complex system of projectors covers every surface of the factory’s interior with larger-than-life displays of art.


Amsterdam Canal Cruise
It’s called the “Venice of the North” for a reason: Canals crisscross the heart of the old city, and bridges link some 90 islands. As the principal city in a newly independent Holland, Amsterdam was a boom town in the early 17th century, rapidly outgrowing its medieval walls. The city’s fathers responded by demolishing most of the old city and building an entirely new one, creating Europe’s first planned city. That “new” district is now 400 years old, and as you glide along the main canals, you’ll pass stately merchants’ houses built centuries ago (some of them are now house museums you can visit on your own). But the canals are not merely scenic; they are essential thoroughfares—people take water buses to work and live in houseboats along the banks—so a canal cruise also gives you a look at the busy modern city.


Visit to the Portuguese Synagogue and Jewish Museum
Anyone who has read The Diary of Anne Frank knows what happened to Amsterdam’s Jews under the Nazis. But not everyone knows that the Jewish community began in the city when Sephardic Jews fled Spain and Portugal after 1492, a group of successful merchants and professionals who in turn sponsored Ashkenazi migrants fleeing Central Europe in the 17th century. Visit the Jewish Historical Museum, with its meticulous re-creation of the Great Synagogue, compelling exhibit called “Friday Night” and lively children’s area, and the nearby Portuguese Synagogue, before strolling through the former Jewish Quarter (Rembrandt lived in in this neighborhood, and he often asked his Jewish neighbors to pose for his Old Testament scenes; his house is now a museum and is one of the few original houses still standing in the area). Today’s Jewish community is largely centered in Amstelveen, where some 15,000 Jews live, work and worship in one of the largest and most vibrant communities in Europe.


Anne Frank House Visit – US$81

The story of Anne Frank is well known. She was born in Frankfurt 1929 to parents Otto and Edith Frank, who fled Germany with their family a few years later in the hopes of finding safety in the Netherlands. When Amsterdam failed to provide protection from the Nazis, the Franks planned to emigrate once again. This plan ultimately failed, and the Franks went into hiding in a secret household annex. It was in this annex that Anne Frank hid with her family for more than two years during World War II and wrote her diary. Seeing the annex for oneself is another story entirely. The Secret Annex had become a museum, giving context to Anne’s plight and that of many families like hers in WWII. Today, you’ll follow a local guide via public transportation to arrive at the museum and get a firsthand look at this poignant piece of history.

Tulip Grower – US$81

Embark on a visit to the farm of a local tulip grower for a colorful introduction to one of the Netherlands’ most iconic products. Located about half an hour outside of Amsterdam, the farm we’ll be visiting today is family-run, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the family’s history and life on the farm as you get to know its farmer. See all areas of the farm, from the glasshouse to bouquet preparation. If you’d like, you can even try your hand at assisting in some of the farming activities!

DAY 11 | Oct 25, 2024 | Amsterdam (Disembark)
Disembark the ship. If your cruise package includes a group departure transfer or if you have purchased a private departure transfer, you will be transferred to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for your flight home.

PRICES These discount prices are based on DOUBLE occupancy & include $310 pp Port Charges

$3809pp – Classic Retail – $4809

$4509pp – Deluxe Retail –  $5509

$5209pp  – French Balcony Retail – $6209

$7809pp – Suite Retail – $8809

Each client also receives a $150 per person onboard credit AND,
if you have cruised with Uniworld in the past, you receive an additional discount of $200pp!


  • 10-night cruise in a riverview stateroom on the elegant River Queen
  • Lavishly appointed riverview staterooms and suites have handcrafted Savoir® Beds of England, high thread count 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and European duvets, and a menu of pillow options
  • Free Internet and Wi-Fi access
  • 4 countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland
  • 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Services of an experienced Uniworld Cruise Manager
  • Group Transfers are included on arrival and departure days (please see terms and conditions for transfer guidelines)
  • Gratuities for onboard personnel (ship staff, crew, Cruise/Tour Manager) are included during the cruise/tour
  • Captivating onboard local entertainment
  • 9 days of excursions, including “Choice Is Yours” options, all fully hosted by English-speaking local experts
  • Guided “Jewish Heritage,” “Let’s Go” and “Village Day” programs
  • State-of-the-art Quietvox portable audio-headset system on all excursions
  • Use of bicycles and Nordic walking sticks
  • All meals onboard, prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients
  • 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 10 dinners
  • Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Receptions
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinners
  • Unlimited beverages onboard, including fine wine, beer, spirits, specialty coffee and tea, soft drinks and mineral water


  • items of a personal nature
  • alcoholic beverages other than specified

Sharon Carr Travel can help with your air reservations – please call our office at 972-233-3300 for assistance.


Optional 2-night Pre- Stay in INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND – $2349pp

Enjoy a luxury stay in Interlaken amid the mountains of the Bernese Alps. One of Switzerland’s most beloved mountain getaways, Interlaken is always a good choice. Extend your Rhine River voyage here for three days to experience the best this enchanting city has to offer, with an expert local host to guide your way.


  • 2 nights at the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel (or similar)
  • Breakfast daily and all service charges, taxes, and porterage
  • Interlaken Vicinity Walk
  • Jungfraujoch (“the top of Europe”) visit
  • Bern City Visit to the Parliament House
  • English-speaking expert
  • All transfers

$2349 per person double occupancy | $749 single supplement for solo travelers


River Queen 

One of the most unique ships cruising Europe’s waterways, the River Queen has an exterior resembling the steamships of the 1930s and an elegant Art Deco interior. Decorated in richly textured blue and white fabrics—with marble bathrooms and inspiring artwork—River Queen is a sublime floating hotel designed with your every comfort in mind.


CLASSIC (151 sq ft – 14 sq m)

DELUXE  (151 sq ft – 14 sq m)

FRENCH BALCONY (151 sq ft – 14 sq m)

SUITE (215 sq ft – 20 sq m)


 A valid passport is required for this trip. 

Your passport cannot expire for at least 6 months after your return.  

Note: Suites have balconies or French balconies. Suites are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

PAYMENTS:   A deposit of 10% per person is due with reservation. We will need a copy of the inside of your passport and birthdates for each passenger.   Final payment is due no later than June 17, 2024. All fares are subject to fuel/tax increases. For all guests booking air travel with Uniworld, a separate non-refundable airfare deposit of $450 per person is required at time of booking. Upon receipt of air deposit your airfare, tax and fuel surcharges are final. Uniworld accepts MC, VISA, & AX.

CANCELLATIONS:    If cancelled before June 17, 2024, a $700 per person fee is assessed. If cancelled on or after August 8, 2024, trip is non refundable.   Please understand that vendors are very strict with regard to cancellation.  No exceptions can be made. If you are not an American Citizen, you are responsible to have proper documentation.  Failure to do so may result in being denied boarding.

120 days or more                              $200 per person for cruise/tour
119 – 90 days                                      20% of the fare
89 – 60 days                                        35% of the fare
59 – 30 days                                        50% of the fare
Less than 30 days                              100% of the fare

FULL LEGAL NAMES: must be given as stated on passports. (No nicknames).  Name changes may be made up to 120 days prior to departure for $200 per name.  Please understand that vendors are very strict with regard to cancellation.  No exceptions can be made.


INSURANCE: Cancellation insurance is highly recommended.  Insurance information will be provided to you.  If for some reason you have not been given an insurance application, please call our office immediately.  Please read the information brochure carefully.  Please understand that insurance does not cover a pandemic.

RESPONSIBILITY: Sharon Carr Travel/Journey House offers retail travel services to customers, which are provided by separate and independent vendors of travel services. Sharon Carr Travel/Journey House does not operate, control, or otherwise provide the services of the independent travel vendors. Hence, customer agrees that Sharon Carr Travel/Journey House acts only as agent for the client in acquiring transportation, hotel accommodations, sightseeing, and other privileges, or services for the clients’ benefit, and on the express condition that Sharon Carr Travel/Journey House  shall not be responsible for any loss, accident, injury, delay, defect, pandemic, omission or irregularity which may occur or be occasioned, whether by reason of any act, negligence or default of any company or person engaged in or responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements, or otherwise in connection there with. The suppliers reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the itinerary.   Sharon Carr Travel /Journey House will not be held responsible should any of these suppliers fail to provide the travel services purchased, whether through default or any other cause.  Sharon Carr Travel/Journey House is not responsible for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air schedules or other causes.  All such losses or expenses will be the responsibility of the member of the tour.  Sharon Carr Travel /Journey House is not responsible for any loss or damage to luggage during the tour.  Also, Sharon Carr Travel /Journey House is not liable for any illnesses contracted during or after travel, is not liable for medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered during or after travel.  Acceptance of the Tour Contract will serve as a Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement.  This agreement is binding on your heirs, legal representatives and assigns. If, for some reason, a trip must be rescheduled due to any of the above reasons, participants are bound by the new dates of travel, and can only obtain a refund if insurance has been purchased and insurer is contractually bound.  SHARON CARR TRAVEL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WEATHER RELATED OR MECHANICAL DELAYS. 

NOTE TO TRAVELER: The traveler assumes and understands that there is a risk involved with travel and travel activities and/or excursions. The traveler is responsible for reading and abiding by all Health and Safety protocols of the vendor & the destination prior to travel, has reviewed the travel itinerary for accuracy, has been advised of all applicable fees imposed by Sharon Carr Travel/Journey House Travel and the suppliers, and has been offered the option of purchasing trip cancellation/interruption insurance. The traveler also understands that discounted fares and vacation packages typically involve restrictions and that changing any aspect of any travel arrangements may result in the payment of additional money.

Sharon Carr Travel will charge a fee commensurate with the trip cost if client cancels his/her trip and commission is not paid by the vendor.


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